Technology has come into everyone’s life with a vengeance, and it has changed the way kids communicate. Kids are using technology to reach people all over the world, but that technology is having a negative impact in many aspects of daily life. When kids start to use technology, things change. The effects of technology on children that are changing are listed below, and everyone should consider how these changes are impacting kids in society.

They Are Always Inside

One of the major complaints about technology is that is keeps kids inside. These kids are using their cell phones, tablets, playing video games or sitting on their computers. Kids are not getting out there because they are busy doing other things. Kids do not get the exercise that they need, and they are growing more and more obese. The obesity rate in Australia is rising ever day, and it can be placed at the feet of technology.

Less Physical Activity

Kids that are hooked on technology need to be put on time limits that will force them to come outside and play. The kids need to play games outside just as much as they are playing games on their devices. When kids are forced to go outside to play games, they will be able to stay fit and be more active. The fitness of kids will not be altered by the technology they use as long as they are pried away from their cell phones and computers or tablets.

They Are Not Able To Communicate

When kids are absorbed in their technology, they are going to forget how to communicate. Kids know how to talk, and they know how to share their ideas. However, these problems are often made even more extreme because of the way that kids use these devices. The devices that kids are using today are easy to use, and that means that kids feel free to communicate with people all over the world.

When kids go to school, they are not able to communicate with their teachers in a forum that makes sense. Also, these kids are not able to work with their teachers because they are not able to communicate with them in an intelligent way. Most kids are able to do the work, but they are not able to work with their teachers to see the work through. This is sort of thing that is changing our children. In fact, children are so lost in the world of education that they have lost the ability to do anything other than take tests. The tests that these kids take drone along just like their technology, and that means that these kids are simply wallowing in the world of technology without thinking.

Teachers in schools all over the country are bemoaning the ways that kids communicate, and that is changing their education. Kids are learning to work in the world of the 21st Century, but they have no idea how to communicate when that technology is not right by their side. This alone causes more trouble than anything else in today’s world.

Kids Do Not Know Their Communities

Kids today do not know anyone in their own community. These children never look up from their phones long enough to get to know the people that live down the street from them. This is a problem simply because kids are not invested in their communities. Kids do not have to worry about the condition of their communities, and they do not have to wonder how they are going to help their community make it into the next generation. They see everything in the world on their phone, and they assume that they can take those things rather than stay at home and make a difference.

While kids should be interested in what is going on around the world, but they should not be interested in those things to the detriment of the other people around them. Getting to know the old lady down the block is just as important as making a friend halfway around the world. When people are thinking about how to make their kids better citizens, they need to start in their own backyard. Kids need to be invested in their communities more than they are in their technology.

Kids Appreciate Nothing

Most children do not know that their cell phone can carry more data than all of the Apollo missions combined. This is something that is lost on children, and they take what they have for granted. They assume that the world has always been this connected, and they assume that people got information at the drop of a hat.

Kids do not realize what kind of effort went into research long before there was technology to fall back. Not only do kids not know how to research, they do not know how to form ideas to research in the first place. A research paper becomes a chore that can be settled with a visit to a website, and kids never crack books open to find the information they need.

This lack of appreciation goes right to their technology. The technology devices they hold would have once cost millions of dollars. These kids do not understand what a precious commodity they are holding.


When parents rebelling against the technology in the world, they need to remember that kids are missing all the things above. Kids are getting more obese because they are never active. They need to have their phones and devices taken away so that they can exercise. These kids do not know how to communicate, and this is changing the way that they are educated. Kids do not know their communities, and they are never going to be invested in their communities. This makes them worse citizens, and it causes their communities to get worse.

Finally, kids appreciate nothing because they have taken all this in front o them for granted.