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How we can keep our kids safe online

The world is increasingly connected, with everything from desktop and laptop computers to smartphones, tablets, and even smart watches. The increasing prevalence of Internet-connected devices means that people of all ages, even young children, must learn the fundamentals of good digital citizenship. Like citizenship in a country, the concept of digital citizenship focuses on certain [...]

Do we live in a simulation?

Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Motors, has an interesting theory about human civilization. An article in Tech Insider quotes the businessman and investor as offering the possibility that the human race exists in the video game of an advanced civilization. Of course, humans do not know that they are part of a [...]

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Matrix simulation theory

Experts on the subject say that there is a very real probability that we are all actually living inside a matrix where our reality is being simulated by a supercomputer. To be exact, they say there’s a 20-50% chance that this is the case. This 20-50% statistic comes from immensely influential articles on the subject [...]

Multitasking effects

With all of the technology, added demands and busier lifestyles, multitasking has become a part of normal, every day activities. People multitask at home, at work and even when they are relaxing or trying to unwind. However, the research shows that multitasking is not only a waste of time but is also potentially harmful for [...]

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Are smartphones making us stupid

A University of Waterloo study suggests that people who rely heavily on smartphones score low on cognitive ability tests. The tests involved analytic thinking. Comparison of the results to people who are not as smartphone dependent took place. Using smartphones to answer difficult and not so difficult questions inhibits a person's ability to problem-solve. Six [...]

Childhood obesity in Australia

Childhood obesity in Australia is a growing concern that requires a pro-active response to effectively mediate. As childhood obesity continues to affect the nation, it's become a widespread health concern that all Australians should take note of. While recent reports have attempted to minimize the impact and pervasiveness of obesity in children, many health professionals [...]

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The Reading in the Digital Age

There is no doubt in anyone's mind that the development and variety of consumer technology has made numerous strides towards improving the productivity of everyday lives for Americans. However, at what cost does making a shift completely towards technology affect our mental state? In a recent article titled “The Reading Brain in the Digital Age [...]

Effects of technology on children

Technology has come into everyone's life with a vengeance, and it has changed the way kids communicate. Kids are using technology to reach people all over the world, but that technology is having a negative impact in many aspects of daily life. When kids start to use technology, things change. The effects of technology on [...]